How it works

Oneaday is an initiative inspired by the efforts that people are making to help, motivate and inspire people during COVID-19 crisis.

Our intention is to provide a platform for them to reach a larger audience, allowing them to help more people and ultimately encourage more people to get involved.

You decide what your #oneaday will be, as long as it helps someone, somewhere we want you onboard.


How to get involved

Businesses register your #oneaday below.
All oneAday’s are listed on the collaborators page
Find a company who’s services you require. Contact details on listing.
Share your experience via IG posts or stories by tagging @oneaday_ie and #oneaday_ie
Pay it forward #oneaday

What can you do?

It is entirely up to you what your #oneaday is but here are some ideas:

  • One Hour a Day – You may have the resources to allow you to allocate one hour a day to pro bono work on behalf of a company in need or a charity.
  • One Call a Day – You can have one consultation a day with a company that could avail of your services (from 15 – 45 mins)
  • One Shout out a Day – If you have an online profile you can give a shout out to a business to help promote their products/services.
  • One Introduction a Day – You can make a connection a day for people within your business network.
  • One Tip a Day – Do you have pearls of wisdom or expertise that you can share with the business community? Share some business advice each day.
  • One Workout a Day – share a work out video for adults or help they adults out and do one to keep the kids active while they are off school.
  • One Lesson a Day – share a short exercise for kids to help with the home schooling

Remember, if we all do one thing a day to help someone else, imagine the impact that could have on a national scale.

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Offer your support

If you would like your business to be involved, fill out the below form with your details and make sure clearly enter your #oneaday. Your oneaday must offer a free service, advice, information or support to another business or individual.



Visit our collaborator page to see a full list of all businesses participating in oneaday and details about what their #oneaday offering is.

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